On-going Recruitment Drive

We have been instructed by our law firm clients to look for Legal Consultants on a fee-sharing basis across the UK. There are opportunities for several Consultants and expertise in ANY area of law is welcome. Our clients are located across UK and are diverse in their areas of legal practice.

Most firms are able to offer flexibility to the Consultant to work from home, however Consultants may have the additional option to visit or work from the office when needed (example to conduct meetings). The option to work from home may also depend on the area of legal practice that the consultant specialises in.

Consultants will receive a range of support which may include the following (varies from firm to firm):

  • PI Insurance cover;
  • Administrative and back office support including handling of compliance and regulatory matters;
  • Licences, software and IT assistance;
  • Paralegal support;
  • Assistance with file reviews;
  • Complaint handling;
  • Business development support via firm-level branding;
  • Book-keeping and accountancy services; and
  • Support in several other areas of work.

To be considered, Consultants are expected to adhere to necessary standards and accreditations relating to their practice area. Consultants will also have to demonstrate that they are able to bill in excess of £30,000 per annum. Consultants will be responsible for preparing their own invoices based on their fee income and specific profit-sharing agreement. Ideal candidates would have a client following but for some firms this is not required before applying. The confidence, commitment and ability to generate work is most valued.

Fee-Sharing Consultant roles will suit mid to senior level legal practitioners as well as confident lawyers who want greater control over their career success whilst enjoying flexible arrangements.

If you would like to know more about fee-sharing please read:

Our Infographic: A Brave New World of Fee-Sharing in Law Firms,

Our Newsletter: Sharing the Pie: No Reduction in the Demand for Fee-sharing Solicitors

Email: recruitment@lexconscientia.co.uk
or contact: 07827 816330

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