At times, you may need an extra pair of hands to work with you for a defined period on a project basis. This may happen if:

    (a) You are temporarily understaffed;
    (b) You need help with backlog or unattended files;
    (c) You need to boost your team for a sudden influx of major transactional work which have landed on your desk; or
    (d) You wish to add a new expertise to your current team, which presently does not exist.

We are able to help introduce and connect you to locum solicitors and locum paralegals throughout the UK in law firms, as well as in in-house legal departments. All our locums work on a self-employed basis. Each locum is unique in that they have different hourly rates, different areas of expertise, different preferences on length of tenure, and preferred locations for office-based work. We also have senior locums who work remotely and are happy to assist you when a desk-based role is not essential.

Please contact us to discuss our fees for locum placements. Call us on 07827 816330 or email us at recruitment@lexconscientia.co.uk


If you are a locum solicitor or paralegal, there is absolutely no fee for you to join our talent pool. Just drop us your CV or send us an email recruitment@lexconscientia.co.uk and we will contact you.

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